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How to Make Pad Thai

This gorgeous Valencian dish is a one-pot wonder similar to paella that's a hit all over Spain and further afield. 

Authentic Pad Thai you can make at home. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully.


Squid is a great sustainable fish that is easy to cook in seconds. Get your griddle as hot as possible to get those char marks without overcooking the squid.

A deliciously simple fish stew - I call it my flexible fish stew because you can use whatever white fish you have to hand. The secret is building a great tasting base.


Flexible fish stew

Prawn cocktail

Use a mixture of king prawns and smaller prawns for the maximum texture and taste in this classic starter.



Grilled squid with lemon, garlic and cumin

Each serving provides 660kcal, 51g protein, 65g carbohydrate (of which 5g sugars), 20g fat (of which 6g saturates), 3.5g fibre and 2.1g salt.

An authentic seafood and chicken paella that boasts some of Spain’s finest ingredients, from calasparra rice to chorizo.